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          Welcome to Fred
          Williams' Web Site

          A Tribute to Diana Spenser and a call for openness about her murder.

          General Statement

          In 1987 I left the arms industry for reasons of conscience.
          I try to be an exponent of peace and social justice.


          I am a vegetarian and recommend it to everybody. You'll feel healthier, save money, and you'll be doing a good thing.
          Learn more about the vegetarian option here: Vegetarian quotes

          "War Resisters"

          "War Resisters" are ex-soldiers who face prosecution and persecution in their home land for leaving military service,
          which is often called a crime. Dedicating your life to peace is never a crime! Right now there is a specific need to help
          former members of the U.S. military who have refused further military service on grounds of conscience. These men and
          women are true heros and deserve our support. It is extremely important for the cause of peace that they be granted asylum.
          Find out more at War Resisters

          The Secret of Money

          This is my strongest concern and I have put a fair amount of time into it's
          preparation. Anyone who is interested in the flow of world events and
          in equality and democracy, should read this and pay attention. You don't
          have to take my word for anything that I say here. I do urge you to
          examine the events in the news and in the world around you and see for
          yourself how they support my model or not. NOTE: The second edition
          is now released. See it here.

          Haiti is a lesson for us all

          Haiti has been an impoverished state through the actions of the U.S.,
          France, and more recently Canada. The history is important for all
          who love freedom to read. It is summed up here
          and I highly recommend this reading.
          Other Haiti sites you should know about are: Haiti News
          and Haiti Action


          I have had an interest in photography since high school.
          Here are samples of my cat photographs
          You want high speed access for this because the page is large!

          Figure Skating

          The discussion board is a continuation of the discussion board
          started by Barbara Underhill. We still owe it's existence to Barb and
          she has moved on to other things, including her concern for child safety.
          The Keepsafe Foundation does a lot to promote child safety in Canada.
          You can find them here and I heartily endorse their work.
          The Stephanie Gaetz Keepsafe Foundation.
          Please visit the site and consider making a donation.

          My Figure Skating board is a friendly place where skating fans can discuss
          skating and whatever free of trolls and fighting that so often
          permeates other boards. Anyone can read the board.
          To post you must be a member.
          bảng tỷ lệ kèo cá cược bóng đá hôm nay

          Fair Trade

          You can learn more about the Fair Trade Movement at
          Transfair Canada.